… elements of a Pacific Northwest Island in the Salish Sea


Victorian Valley Chapel after winter snowstorm

Victorian Valley Chapel on Orcas Island after January 2012 winter snowstorm

After a seasonal snowstorm swept through the Pacific Northwest, beautiful winterscapes began forming. On Orcas Island in the Victorian Valley area, colors from a green door and stained glass windows popped out on the architecture of a little white chapel in a setting of snow ladened trees and terrain.


Oyster Catchers in Rosario Strait on Orcas Island

March 22, 2011
Two Oyster Catchers seem to be watching the ocean splash against the tidal rocks. ©Suzana Roach, all rights reserved.

Rustic Falls in Moran State Park on Orcas Island

January 26, 2011
January in the Pacific Northwest brought in ample rain to fill the lakes, rivers and mud puddles on Orcas Island. Rustic Falls, one of several treasured waterfalls in Moran State Park, is roaring with life within the old growth forest . ©Suzana Roach, all rights reserved.

Winter snowfall in San Juan Islands

Snowfall on Orcas Island overlooking Rosario Straight
December 10, 2010
Five inches of snow covers the coastal landscape of an Orcas Island home. ©Suzana Roach, all rights reserved.

Early winter on the Eastern coastline of Orcas Island

November 20, 2010
First winter snow blows in from the North and coats the rocky coast on the east side of Orcas Island. Strong winds and gale force gusts push South down Rosario Straight creating rolling swells and sea of white caps . ©Suzana Roach, all rights reserved.

2010 Round The County sailboat race in the San Juan Islands

November 8, 2010
Competitors in the Sunday leg of the annual Round the County sailboat race in the San Juan Islands, maneuver through the Peapod Rocks as they jockey for position to the finish line at Lydia Shoal. ©Suzana Roach, all rights reserved.

Fowlers Pond reflecting Autumn colors

November 4, 2010
Fowlers Pond Preserve is another natural gem purchased by the citizens of San Juan County through the San Juan County Land Bank. 40 acres of grassy meadows, woodlands and ponds provide a varied habitat for amphibians and water fowl. ©Suzana Roach, all rights reserved.